The 18th Amendment Bar has officially opened in Ballarat

The 18th Amendment Bar has officially opened in Ballarat

If you’re a fan of an electric vibe of a night out on the town and the sip of an expertly-crafted cocktail from some of the finest bartenders in the state but you don’t want to travel out of the Rat, then we have some good news for you.

Geelong’s famed 1920s Prohibition-style cocktail bar The 18th Amendment has officially opened up their speakeasy doors at a second location in Ballarat.

For the uninitiated, 18th Amendment Bar is a venture by Gorge Camorra that draws inspiration from the speakeasy movement from the 1920s and 30s, specifically named after the amendment of the United States Constitution that effectively started the prohibition of alcohol.

From unusual ingredients, including Camorra’s own range of liqueurs, to the hundreds of spirits behind the bar and the house-concocted barrel aged cocktails, 18th Amendment has been a unique addition to the Geelong bar scene since opening three years ago. The speakeasy has since celebrated cocktail culture while educating the consumer, presenting the classics with a contemporary twist.

With a desire to bring the cocktail culture to surrounding regional areas, Camorra decided to bring this unique experience to Ballarat, which is often described as Victoria’s next biggest regional centre. Taking over the former The Lost Ones Basement Bar (14 Camp Street), the new venue will continue the same 18th Amendment Bar theatrics, with a huge selection of spirits (including over 100 types of Gin and 150 types of Whiskey) and a customer focused service, alongside some exclusive offers at each venue. You’ll of course find all the favourite cocktails from Geelong, as well as some locally inspired cocktails.

Originally slated to open back in March, construction was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we had been waiting on an opening date ever since until earlier this month, when the bartenders took to the shakers in Ballarat for the first time.

Currently due to the restrictions allowing a maximum of 20 people at a time, the bar are open from Thursday to Sunday with three seatings set for each evening. The events for these sessions have been posted to Facebook, and tickets will be sold via Eventbrite for $40 each which becomes a credit to your evening.

We can’t wait to indulge in some ‘giggle water’, ‘make some whoopee’ and try not to get too ‘zozzled’ in Ballarat – key word here is try.

The 18th Amendment is located at 14 Camp Street, Ballarat. You can book your session via Facebook.