Someone has invented a battery powered mini jacuzzi for your balls and we can’t deal

Someone has invented a battery powered mini jacuzzi for your balls and we can’t deal

Ah the internet.

Nothing is more relaxing and luxurious than winding down in a jacuzzi. An experience often reserved for hotel stays and weekend getaways, it really does sooth the body and the soul… but what if you wanted that feeling in one specific area, say somewhere like your balls?

Well now you can (because why not?), thanks to a seriously innovative new invention; the Testicuzzi. Yes… you read it correctly. The Testicuzzi.

Designed to bring males that warming sensation of a hot tub and spa treatment to one very localised area, the Testicuzzi is a handheld jetted ‘tub’ device that allows users to delicately sink their, um, balls into, with an “ultra-soft pre-cast silicone pillow to rest your largest member on”, battery-powered bubbles and hours of pleasure and muscle relaxation.

While it’s certainly been coined a ‘gag gift’ and it’s definitely not something we ever thought we would need, the company have reassured buyers that it is an actual product, with reports claiming the Tesitcuzzi may help relieve stress and strain on the key body part, similar to that of other muscle stimulation and relaxation methods…

The balls hot tub comes in a few different colour options and finishes to choose from, including a jet black edition with a red member pillow, a white edition with a black member pillow, along with the ultra-rare 14k Gold Plate Limited Edition Testicuzzi for when you want to really treat your balls to pure luxury. The gold ones are unfortunately sold out (how?) but the black and white tubs are priced at AUD$69.69.

The invention was launched on Kickstarter earlier this year, with the organisers still hoping to reach their fundraising goal. Irrespective, you can still pre-order the Testicuzzi now and expect to receive in by December 10, just in time for Christmas.

You’re… welcome?

Check out the website here.