5 sophisticated records with Sophisticated Dingo

5 sophisticated records with Sophisticated Dingo

Everyone’s favourite Melbourne puppies Sophisticated Dingo have dropped their latest tasty pop rock tune, ‘What Is Going On?’, signalling a slight change in sound with the duo opting for a softer cut than previous single ‘Vultures’. Still maintaining a healthy dose of garage punk and 60s surf rock influence, the track is three minutes and 56 seconds of pure goodness, as it tells a story about self-empowerment.

To celebrate the track, guitarist and vocalist Lewis Matte takes us through five of the most sophisticated records. Best listened to while wearing a monocle and sipping tea.

ZZ Top – Eliminator
Has the classic ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ on it. That’s fair case in point to make clear to the world that they classed up their act. A lengthy beard paired with a suit is electrifying and the charts agreed. Top marks, ZZ.

Kate Ceberano – Pash
This is clean-cut, textbook entry pop rock. A+ for Kate and thank you for being the amazing role model you are. My mother loves her and that’s all the confirmation I need to know it is pure class.

The Hives – Veni Vidi Vicious
These blokes were always rolling around in penguin suits. They wouldn’t hop on stage without their top buttons done up. Clear commitment to the cause was shown. Really good tunes on here too. The album is everything you want from a noughties guitar band.

Robbie Williams – Swing When You’re Winning
Pop-star bad boy sings swing tunes. It’s like Michael Bublé robbing your wallet and hitting on your sister. Sounds great though and seriously I love Robbie Williams and that could not be made any clearer.

Hayley Mary – The Piss, The Perfume
A refined entry of songs from the front-woman of The Jezabels. The songs are strong and it feels great to listen to some new music somewhat related to a band I have loved since I was young. There is lots of attention to detail with the aesthetic of video clips and presentation of the release in general. Truly sophisticated.

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